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Monday, July 10, 2006

Stampede 2006 Kick Off!

What a great weekend! It started off with the Stampede parade on Friday morning. It was a great time, as always... then off to Melrose for some lunch. It was such a sunny day, we decided to head back to my place to cool off a bit and relax. Starla wanted to do some consignment clothes shopping, so we went to Kensington and did that. We picked up Raeleen, and Robin met us at my place and we all went to Original Joe's for dinner. Then back to my place for girl talk and drinks. We weren't really in the mood for standing in line ups so we decided to walk to a near- by pub and check out that scene. It was completely DEAD. On our way back to my place, we saw some guys playing football in the park, so we stopped to talk to them. (see pics from link below) I brought my digital camera... and unfortunately booze and digital cameras don't mix... one of the guys happened to drop my camera, and have a look at how it takes pictures now! Hmmmp. The guy (his name is Colin) said now I need your number so I can take you camera shopping. haha... nice line, but hey, sure! I do need a new camera now so, I gave him my number. I've already talked to him a few times. We were going to make plans for tonight, but I just looked at my schedule and I have to teach tonight! :(
And yesterday I just decided to log in to Lava, and I get messaged from a guy who's profile makes him sound totally conceited! Both Starla and I were completely skeptic.. then he sent me his backstage and I think that's the most excited I've seen Starla in a while. We continued chatting on-line and he suddenly asked "Can we talk on the phone?"
"YES we can!" ... but I had to play it cool and say "Sure!" hehe! So he called me and we talked for 20 minutes... seems like we have a lot in common and we had alot to talk about over the phone! It went well. He said he's call me back later that night, when he was home from his brother's. Well, he did call... and we proceeded to talk for 2.5 hours! DAMN! I haven't had an epic phone call like that for a long time! ESPECIALLY not with a guy! So we are planning to meet up this week sometime! (His name is Mike and he is 31 years old.) I'm quite excited actually!

For the complete photo set of the pics I took this weekend, click here!


Blogger bada bing said...

You do need a new camera!

Good trick girl! Meet a guy, get him to drop your camera and then find out if he chooses to give it back to you broke or buy you a new one! You go girl!

1:01 PM

Blogger islandarts said...

That guy better hold up his end of the bargain since your camera is POOCHED! The lense or some other reflective surface has clearly moved.
Buy yourself a good one (email me for tips!!)

Other than that- it looked like you had a great time! I've never seen Starla before, she's really pretty!

3:13 PM

Anonymous Rosie said...

Wow, a good Lava experience!! That's awesome!!!
I'm not sure if you got comment I replied back with at my blog about the XanGo guy, but I left my email address. I'm still interested if you can pass along the contact info ... rosietulips at hotmail dot com

4:02 PM

Blogger katz said...

Whoa, I'm all boobage in those shots :)

5:35 AM

Blogger Suzanne said...

too bad about the camera! I LOVE MINE!! Olympus SP500uz

6:21 PM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

A New camera will be nice, and a teather strap for butter fingers over there. lol

10:54 PM


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