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Monday, June 26, 2006

Good, Bad and Great all in one?

That was how my weekend went. Good, Bad, Great! Ok... not exactly, but I thought it was a catchy subject line.
I spent Saturday morning with Katz at the Calgary Zoo. We had a lot of fun watching the animals. (My favorite exhibit was the gorillas, my least favorite was "Creatures of the night"... it smelled like B.O. and urine (pot) in there!)
Finally, Carmen made it to town (at 5pm!) we finally headed off to Banff. We get there, booked our hostel... Carmen just can't help herself but to dilly-dally. We didn't get out on our bikes that night till 8pm... we did get in a fun little loop called Tunnel/ Hoodoos Trail and headed out for dinner afterwards. (It was a weak ride to drive all the way out to Banff for! I was a bit dissapointed.)
Then Sunday we woke up late... I was up early, but Carmen didn't want to move apparenty. And headed for breakfast, dilly-dallying the whole way. We got to the next trail at 1:30pm... Carmen expected us to ride to the END of the trail (22k ONE WAY)... I got a flat tire at 13k, and it took about 30 mins to get my bike good enough to ride again. We decided to head back. After all that, we made it to Calgary at like 6:30pm... and was totally late for the date I had planned!!! I called my date, luckily he too was running a bit behind, because I didn't end up meeting him till 8pm. Oh boy, finally a nice, cute one :) We went out for Asian/Thai food... and we talked the night away! We wanted to go out for drinks after but it was late on a Sunday night... and everything was closing. We agreed to meet again next weekend, when we are both free... I'm actually looking forward to it! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY... LOL


Blogger islandarts said...

Wow Carmen needs a boot to the rear LOL or Kids *they'll get you up early in the morning wether you want to or not.*
So glad to hear your date went well!! Can't wait to hear about next week!

9:21 AM


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