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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not liking the new blades!

I'm kinda dissapointed by my new rollerblades. They roll really slow! (or so it feels, compared to my old ones) and I just don't feel comfortable in the soft boot technology. I constantly feel like my wheels are travelling slower then my body (hence, I get the tripping sensation) and my shins ache after 10-15 mins of riding in them. Not cool.

I rotated the wheels on the ol' Rollerblades and will take them out for a rip tomorrow. I want to compare the two, side by side and figure out why the old ones go faster! Here's the break down of components:
old skates: Rollerblade Brand, hard boot, Abec 5 (or 7?) bearings, 76mm -78A wheels
new skates: K2's VO2, soft boot, ILQ-9 bearings, 84mm -83A wheels.

The NEW blades should ride wayyy faster then my old ones. The wheels are bigger and harder then on the old blades! And the ILQ-9 technology in the bearings of the new skates is supposed to be more high end then the ABEC's...

I will head off to Sport Mart tomorrow to see what they can do for me. I don't think I want to keep these blades though...


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