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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Time warp?

Man o Man! My first day back at the gym today, and wowie! I got an eyeful. A woman was wearing (imagine this) a white body suit (shutters) with flourecsent splatter painted designs on it, with a matching balero jacket (perfect for working out in!) and to make it convincingly authentic, the woman wore bright blue leggins underneith! A true spectacle. All I could think as she walked by was "Is she for real?"



Blogger islandarts said...

You should have asked her if she was there on a dare... LOL!!

12:02 AM

Blogger katz said...

you should come to my gym.. I'm always seeing numbers like that. LOL especially in edmonton, not so much here.

10:34 AM

Blogger bada bing said...

Awesome outfit....LOL! Some people don't have mirrors (or don't look in them before they leave home). Where are the fashion police when you need them?

10:53 AM

Blogger Suzanne said...

No offence but at least she is going to the gym - making an effort I mean - I could care less what people think about my outfits if I am at the gym - but heck I don't put in the effort to go so I cannot laugh at her :)

12:20 PM

Anonymous Rosie said...

For real?? Holy geez!!

1:17 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

Reply to: Suz I wasn't making fun of her ambition to get to the gym. I was stating that some people need to get the heck out of the 80's!!!!!

What, we are in 2006 now??? Hello people! Do you not go shopping? Do they even still sell clothes like that? NO!

2:17 PM

Blogger Suzanne said...

Oops, didn't mean to imply that you were making fun of her. I was implying that when I go to the gym I probably get laughed at too for my rediculous outfits. Sorry to offend.

3:03 PM

Blogger JustaGirl said...

reply to: suz

ok, you are forgiven :)


You would have laughed at this woman though... seriously, it was a total time warp outfit! Poufy sleeves on the balero jacket too!

6:20 PM

Blogger S Q L Y said...

Maybe she was trying out for the tv show "what not to wear".

3:42 PM


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